What People Are Saying About Mobil PC Guru

Dolores Cascarino

Computer Installation and Service

Don is the best! He knows his business thoroughly, comes when needed, takes all the time necessary, charges very reasonable fees and is a nice person with it all. I'd highly recommend him.

Jack Armstrong

Major photo recovery & several less severe problems.

When I had a major problem, I called a company recommended by my daughter's organization. They said they only do business accounts, then strongly suggested I use Mobil PC Guru. That proved to be an excellent choice. Don Riffel has been a great help on several occasions. He upgraded my hard drive and added several programs that have made my life easier and much more productive. His quick response and fast resolution of any problems or malfunctions makes me strongly recommend his services. He makes it all look so easy! Jack Armstrong


Everything - Repair/Sofware and New System

"The Guru" is the BEST! For years I tried to do everything myself and for my company (got totally stressed out!!!). Tried a "more expensive" company, just to make sure my security was good. Cost lots of money for "nothing". The I met "The Guru". My worries (and stress) are over!!!!! I have extensive software and sometimes Software A didn't want to work with Software B. It does now!! Then - I decided to upgrade my entire system...and I asked for things that no one else knew what I was trying to accomplish... The Guru did! So I have new computers, server, printers, etc. - everything I could dream of to make my life easier and more efficient! He is also capable of "fixing" a problem remotely and doesn't even need to be at your computer. I have recommended him to family/friends & business clients. Everyone was thrilled with the work and the cost. So...for service/equipment or software - CALL "The Guru".

Mastery Consulting, LLC

laptop repairs, moving data, consulting

Mobil PC Guru has been a great help in fixing laptops (3, over time), accurately moving information to new computers and offering general internet and computer eductation. Don is a patient trainer and very interested in helping others do their best work.